WordPress 15th Anniversary

I hate the double ringed WordPress logo with a hot fiery passion so when I saw that the “official” 15th Anniversary logo used it I knew I couldn’t celebrate the occasion without making my own.  My buddy Matt helped me out with this and I dig the local news vibe so much I’ll be repurposing this logo as for my “Action 15 News” WordPress site once the celebrations are over.

WordPress ESRB

I was watching a trailer on YouTube and I saw the normal ESRB rating thing and thought this would would be fun to parody. Might turn this into a sticker. 

WordPress Community

I love vintage board games. I made this design based on the design of a community chest card from monopoly. Might be fun to turn into a sticker.

Gutenberg Origins

Meet Gutenberg, a 24th century mecha which the WordPress block editor (dropping in version 5.0) is based off of.

For some reason when the core WordPress team came across Gutes they decided to reverse engineer his OS to create a block editor for WordPress. Seems like a strange thing to use super advanced tech for but who am I to judge.

A person from the 1400’s isn’t really my idea of an appropriate mascot so I decided that the new block editor needed a cooler one.